You can practice & enjoy boxing and kicking with Zemita e-sparring system (ZESS).
ZESS consists of piezoelectric sensor, bluetooth and various kinds of mobile application.
It can measure the power, speed and reaction time of punching and kicking, and people can play related games excitingly with others.

User Manuals

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 ZEMITA E-SPARRING  Speed Game : Kicking Speed Game    



Zemita is an E-Sparring System that was developed to improve your power, speed, stamina, and most importantly your accuracy. 

Experience a new form of training that motivates you and challenges you in every step of the way. This new way of training will help your students practice for competitions which will push them to improve their techniques.

The System provides the user a variety of games that measures power, and reaction times of your kicks and punches.

For Example:
1. Speed Kick Game: It involves “Standingbags” (airbags) that are each equipped with an electronic sparring system shall be place in blue and red courts, and red and blue contestants shall kick the electronic sensing pads simultaneously for 30 seconds. Contestant with a higher score wins the competition.

2. Fighters Game: “Standingbags” (airbags) that are each equipped with an electronic sparring system shall be place in blue and red courts. 5 contests in each of the red and blue teams shall take turns to kick electronic sensing pads, and score for each team should be measured by adding all 5 contestant’s scores. Team with a higher score wins the competition.

3. Tug Of War Game: directly puts two teams against each other in a test of strength teams kick to pull on opposite ends of a rope, with the goal being to bring the rope a certain distance in one direction against the force of the opposing team's pull.


SPS (Speed, Power, Stamina) Test

This test program can measure your SPEED, POWER, STAMINA. Compare test results to see members improvements. The SPS Test program is set to a fixed setting formulated by Zemita, to allow all players to be averaged and compared fairly.

GAME (Fighting, Speed, Relay)

These games create a social bonding experience through team play and motivational competition. 


You can check your membership development details through the SPS REPORT.